Five of the Best Workout Headphones On Amazon in 2019!


When purchasing a pair of workout headphones, you can get caught between price and quality. If you buy a cheap pair, you might have something break sooner than your next weight record. If you buy a costly pair, then you might be breaking your bank account and not your back on those deadlifts. Either way, we hope to relieve the stress in a few areas. We want to provide you with the best options. We have searched through thousands of Amazon user reviews. Here is your free “spot” on that next set of repetitions as we pump up the volume with five of the best workout headphones on Amazon.



TOZO Bluetooth Headphones

The TOZO Bluetooth headphones are the answer to solve all of your problems while listening to music and working out! Kick up the cardio and workout without worry with these water-resistant workout headphones. They are a perfect match for all of your workout needs in the gym! The 8mm speaker is also an excellent sound quality feature that TOZO provides. The authentic sound and powerful deep bass performance are a superb speaker feature of these wireless headphones.

Additionally, you will have no problem charging these headphones or linking them to your phone! TOZO has two-step pairing with your Bluetooth and hours of battery life. The charging cases for TOZO headphones can provide nine additional hours of charge. These workout headphones are rated 4.7 stars on Amazon. Over 5000 reviews highlight the sweatproof sports headphone’s best features. Get one of the best workout headphones available on Amazon for only 50 dollars!

  • Rated 4.7/5 Stars
  • Sweat Proof
  • Deep Bass



Apple Airpods

Our independent search of Amazon reviews revealed that over 100 reviews positively mentioned charging cases. The charging case for these workout headphones is a stand-alone reason to purchase them. Apple has upgraded the onboard chip, which has led to faster and more stable pairing. Turning on these Air Pods is as simple as pulling the ear canals out of the charging case. When you put them back in, they will turn off. However, be sure to make sure you receive the newer case and not the older model. A small portion of the reviews has stated they received the incorrect model. Be sure to verify this, and if you get the wrong one, the company will replace them as soon as possible. The new case will have the LED inside and the Bluetooth pairing button in the middle of the case. You won’t find ear hooks on the Air Pods, but they fit very well to any ear. The noise-canceling and listening experience is top-notch! This product is priced higher than most at $145 but one of the greatest options on our list.

  • Noise Canceling
  • Wireless
  • Sleek Design




Some would say that size does not matter, but if you have smaller ears, then perhaps it does. TBI Pro workout headphones come with a variety of different size air buds to fit your needs. At a price point of around $35, you will surely find quality and longevity in these headphones. Be sure to keep your phone out of your pocket if you wish to use these on walks without degradation. Degradation was a concern from Amazon reviewers, but for our frequent gym users, these are a perfect choice. These headphones block ambient noise very well, and the sound quality will be enjoyable no matter what activity you do. Listen to music anytime, anywhere! Additionally, with the size options, these workout headphones won’t be falling out when you work out. So, maybe size does matter?

  • Ear Hook
  • Noise Canceling
  • Great Value



Anker Soundbuds

If you are looking for a correct fit in a workout headphone, then Anker SoundBuds is the best value for you. When you purchase this product, you’ll get several different sized ear tips. You’ll also have peace of mind with an 18-month warranty. Additionally, the Anker SoundBuds has 6mm drivers fed by Bluetooth 5 to provide skip-free listening. Finally, these workout headphones can stay charged for a very long time with up to ten hours of battery life. Amazon users only give it a 3.9-star rating overall. However, for approximately $30, you are getting a terrific deal. These workout headphones are a much cheaper option for the casual gym user.

  • 10 Hour Battery Life
  • Great Value
  • 18 Month Warranty




The Cowin E7 workout headphones are one of the best workout headphones you will find on Amazon today. The Professional Protein ear pads and 90-degree swivel cups bring a higher degree of comfort and durability. Amazon reviewers rave about this product with a 4.3-star rating overall. Less than 5% are 1-star reviews, and 12,000 Amazon buyers have reviewed this product! You will also enjoy the listening experience, amplified by its advanced noise-canceling technology that blocks ambient noise. These workout headphones utilize 40mm drivers. These drivers increase the deep bass of this excellent option for all things related to sound quality. There are several color options, as well. At a price point of about $60-$70, you are getting plenty of value for what you are spending on them.

  • Over 12,000 Amazon Reviews
  • Noise Canceling
  • Editor’s Choice