Ring Security System (Review)


The Ring Security System

As technology advances, it’s getting easier and more comfortable to add products to your home that make things better for your living space. From getting information about the weather from Alexa to mobile-enabled control over your thermostat and lights, smart homes are quickly becoming the standard in today’s society. The technology you use must keep up with innovative standards in home security. Thankfully, there are home security products that will help complete the features of your smart home.

The Ring Security Features


● Security for 1,000-2,000 square feet (1-2 bedroom homes)
● Protection for five windows or doors
● Motion detection for two rooms
● Starter kit includes: base station; keypad; five contact sensors; two motion detectors; range extender
● Controllable from the Ring app on mobile devices
● Real-time mobile alerts
● Optional cellular backup
● 24-hour backup battery
● Optional 24/7 support available

Is this a good alternative to the classic home security system?

Many consumers are switching over to self secured homes for many reasons like easier to manage from your mobile device, cost-effective, and much more customization. Maybe you need a smoke detector included with your home security, motion sensors, and/or flood sensors. The Ring brings it to the next level by not only keeping you safe from outside danger but also threats inside.


The Ring Alarm is an innovative home security system that works with your smart home device, such as Alexa, to keep your home and family safe. The features of the Ring Alarm make it a valuable addition to any smart home.

What’s included when you buy?

  • Base Station
  • Keypad
  • Contact Sensor
  • Motion Detector
  • Range Extender

Each device serves a vital role to sufficiently keep you safe. With all of the devices working together, connected straight into your smart home, you ensure the Ring Security System has your back.


All in all, the Ring Security System can and will fit any home security needs. From the wide variety of devices to choose from for your bundle and the incredible customer service, you are in good hands! Plus it is so easy to install and even easier to manage, making home security more affordable.

TLDR: Purchase now and see how fantastic Ring Security is!

Still not convinced this is one of the best security systems on the market?
Check out some reviews from real customers below:

Review from Paul

I bought this system to replace the ADT system I had for years. This system along with four Contact Sensors replaced what I had from ADT. The cost of the Ring system and year of monitoring was less than six months of monitoring from ADT. The system comes packaged nice a secure, which I am thankful for since the delivery person wasn’t gentle dropping the box on my porch. I had downloaded the app and registered before the system arrived, so that part was handled. The box included instructions and phone app walked you through the setup. It was painless and completed in about 10 minutes. I set up everything on my dining room table to go through the registration process. Once done, I installed the components where the old hardware was. Ring includes everything you need to mount (double sided tape and/or screws) all the components. Registering for monitoring was very simple too.

Review from Damian

What can I say about this product, EASY EASY EASY, and Well Made. This Alarm comes out of the box and works like a dream. The alarm integrates with the Ring App and allows you to use it alongside any other ring products you currently own. I was up and online in 5 minutes. The Starter Kit comes with a Door Sensor and Motion, all detected fine and working right away. The sensors are well-made and substantial. The feel is like a quality product over other manufacturers. They work over the Z-Wave Plus protocol, which is a very positive step. Additionally, the starter kit comes with a Z Wave repeater to boost the signal if you have a larger house. I did buy some additional sensors, and it was as simple as loading the app, adding a device, scanning the QR code or entering the ID of the module. The pairing happened instantly. Everything is set-up via the Ring App. It has a battery backup in the keypad and base in case the power fails. You can also opt for the Monitor service at $10 a month. They are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with 911 Response and 4G failover in case your internet disconnects. It pushes out notifications very well as with other Ring products I own. I would 100% Recommend! It’s a fantastic product at an incredible price!

Review from Edward

I had some issues with the sensors initially. Ring called me after a negative review and showed up at my house to install the system and work through all the problems. I NEVER have, and I repeat NEVER seen such excellent customer service in my life! The system is working great and at a fraction of the cost of other systems. I highly recommend Ring. They will stand by their products at all costs. They want to disrupt the market, and they will. Thank you, Ring.

Review from Anthony

I posted this feedback on Amazon.com for the “First Alert 2-in-1 Z-Wave Smoke Detector & Carbon Monoxide Alarm”. This device, along with the Ring Home Security System and the Ring Professional Monitoring system potentially saved my life. I purchased this CO/Smoke Alarm to integrate with the RING home security system. I believe this alarm likely saved my life. I was sitting in my family room when both this alarm and the Ring home alarm sounded. I was burning a small incense stick at the time. I figured the incense triggered the smoke detector. Because I have my Ring home security system monitored professionally by the Ring staff, and my cell phone rang within a minute of the alarm. The Ring operator indicated that the fire department was in route to my location. I expressed that I thought it was a false alarm, due to the minimal smoke from the incense. I asked the Ring Operator to call the fire department back and cancel the alert. The operator indicated she was unable to comply with my request. Within 5 minutes, the fire department arrived. I told them I thought the incense was the culprit for setting off the alarm. However, I did notice later on this alarm there are two small red-colored LEDs, with one denoting SMOKE and the other (CO) Carbon Monoxide. The Carbon Monoxide light was on. When the firemen entered my home, all of their personal CO detectors were beeping. They left the house immediately, donned their SCBA (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus) gear, and reentered my home to determine the root cause of the carbon monoxide. After 15 minutes of airing out the house and searching for the source, they discovered the issue. The ashes I had removed from my wood stove and placed into a metal bucket next to the stove were generating high levels of CO gas. There were some hot embers in the ash bucket, however no visible smoke, etc. I thought the ashes were innocuous, but the gas they produced were deadly. I could have died, if not for this detector, the Ring Home Security System, and the Ring Professional Monitoring system.