Alexa Accessories to Take Your Smart Home to the Next Level


Though voice-controlled homes used to be reserved for science fiction stories, Amazon Alexa and other alexa accessories have brought the technology to homes. From Alexa’s voice remote, to smart thermostats that adjust the temperature when you’re not home, voice-enabled technology is advancing every day. There are now hundreds of companies offering alexa accessories designed for you to take your smart home to the next level. Here are seven accessories that will help you and Alexa revolutionize what it means for you to be in control of your home.


Teckin Mini Smart Outlet Wifi plug with Timer Function

This smart plug allows you to have voice controlled access to your outlets. This smart speaker can extend control over your smart home to any device that uses the outlet. Maybe you want to time standard lamps through smart lighting outlets? You also may want to cut down on using high-electricity devices when you’re not home? If so, these smart plugs are a good solution to making any item into an alexa accessory.

Top Review: I bought this product and loved it. Then I bought two more plugs! The Teckin smart plugs are easy to install and use. They do not need a hub and it’s easy to set up Alexa integration. I have these connected to items that I know use a lot of electricity. So, when I am away from my apartment, these items are saving me money on my electricity bill. I would highly recommend these and have not had a wi fi connection issue with these yet!

Matome Image

Matone Outlet Wall Mount Hanger Stand

This hanger stand is a great way to keep your Echo devices or smart speakers off surfaces and out of sight. These stands have flexibility for hanging your devices. You won’t have cords getting in the way. This is one of our favorite alexa accessories!

Top Review: These things are amazing, and the price point is perfect! I’m fortunate to live in housing with newer plates and outlets. My only opening con is that older houses with loose power outlets would not be a good fit. The sizing is designed to fit SPECIFICALLY with the OEM USB ports and it works great. This feature even leaves ample room for the audio jack to connect to a stereo via an 8th-inch jack. I’ve bought these hangers for all of my echo dots. The set-it-and-forget-it form factor just works flawlessly. Highly recommended!


Echo Show Adjustable Stand

This stand is a great addition to your Echo Show. It includes tilt capability and a high-quality stand for convenient, hands-free conversations! The stand will keep your Echo Show ready whenever you need it so you can stay connected. Read the review below to get a better understanding of this awesome echo device!

Top Review: I got this because I didn’t like how much of the ceiling was in the image when doing video calls. The stand is high quality, and it was very easy to attach to the Echo Show. The tilt is very smooth. Another added benefit is that you can neatly tuck away any extra power cord underneath the Echo Show. At first, I wanted a white stand, which isn’t currently available. However, the black one actually looks great on the white (Sandstone) Echo Show since the bezel around the screen is black.


Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance LED Smart Bulb Starter Kit

Along with complete control of your smart lighting, more than 16 million colors ensures your room will look exactly as you want at any moment. Not only can you control the color of the light, but the integration with your smart devices means you can customize everything from the color sequence. It is also timing how long your lights are on when you’re not home.

Top Review: I am so in love! We paired these up with our Alexa and alternate between voice controlled and the Philips Hue app. The color ambiance lights are MUCH more useful than the white ones. We like to adjust the lighting in the room to red if we’re working on things at night. I’ve found it works best on 10% brightness when we’re watching a horror film. This way we can see, without damaging out night vision, if we have to grab a drink or item out of the room. Typically, we would put the white filter on at 3%. The joy of these lights is that you can pick whatever color and intensity in addition to setting up routines. I wake up easily to lights, so the bedroom lamp is set to reach full intensity by 8 am. Now, I don’t need an alarm to wake up! They also can be set to routines while you are traveling. Additionally, they can be remotely activated through either the Alexa app or the Hue app to maintain the illusion of someone being home.


Philips Hue White LED Smart Bulb Starter Kit

This easy-to-use starter kit gives you everything you need for smart lighting. Timed lights can be a good way to make it appear you’re home when you’re out of town. When you come home at night, it’s nice to have the lights exactly the way you want them. This starter kit will give you exactly what you need to accomplish just that.

Top Review: I purchased this kit to get the ball rolling on slowly transitioning my home to a smart home. I live alone and I’ve returned home at the end of my day only to realize that I’d accidentally left one or more lights on all day. There have also been those times that I’ve been away from my home for several days while traveling and kept certain lights on in my home the entire time as a (hopeful) theft deterrent. This starter kit has helped me greatly with these issues.


Amazon Echo Dot Case

Coordinate your Echo Dot with your home decor with this simple, elegant case. The case will help your device blend in with the rest of your home so it doesn’t stick out against your home design. It is available in midnight leather, merlot leather, and charcoal fabric. Out of all the cheap alexa accessories, this is a must have!

Top Review: Excellent quality and a very good fit. The fit is not too snug, so removing it from the Echo Dot is easy. It won’t slip or fall off, because the connector from the AC adapter holds the case in place. Plus, it looks great!!!


Wyze Cam 1080p HD Indoor Wireless Smart Home Camera with Night Vision

This indoor security camera works seamlessly with your Amazon Alexa devices to boost your home security. The night vision feature allows you to keep an eye on your home both day and night.

Top Review: I initially bought one camera, tried it out for a week and fell in love. I ended up buying two more cameras for my house shortly after! Wyze cam is setting a new standard for what to expect in a wi fi camera. Most companies want to charge you for cloud storage, but Wyze cam does not do this. With Wyze cam you get all the bells and whistles without breaking the bank. Some included smart home features are motion detection, sound detection, detection zones, night vision, smoke alarm detection, 14 days cloud storage, SD slot, and two-way audio! Best of all it’s all free with no subscription required! These accessories are a great way to do more, even when you’re away from home.