The Best Dash Cam that Won’t Break the Bank!


If you want to record the driving events which occur around you as you take a trip somewhere, you’ll need to install a dashcam in your vehicle. The front window is the best place for installation, although they technically mount near any window in your car. Install a rear camera on one of the back windows via suction cup, and you can keep an eye on the unit through your rearview mirror.

You might as well install an extremely reliable one that has a sterling reputation for delivering results at an affordable price. The APEMAN Dash Cam 1080P FHD DVR Car Driving Recorder is available on Amazon. It will likely be the best dash cam you can purchase for fantastic recordings. To buy a unit which is even slightly better than this one would cost you three times the price or more. For instance, the Garmin Dash Cam 55 or the Sony Exmor would both cost approximately three times the price of the APEMAN 1080P.

Overview of the APEMAN 1080p

Your first impression of the APEMAN 1080P will be that its a sleek, compact unit that qualifies as a ‘good thing coming in a small package.’ The large LCD screen will jump right out at you! This feature is something you should be pleased about since it will allow you to see all your videos clearly on your dashboard camera. You’ll also be glad to see that there are just a few buttons included in its construction. The operation is sure to be uncomplicated and straightforward.

A closer look will reveal the solid construction of the APEMAN 1080P, which should give you confidence in its reliability and durability. The attractive black case will also be reassuring. The case will blend right in, without becoming a distraction for the driver or passengers. The small size will be perfect for mounting anywhere in your car, without taking up too much space or demanding too much attention.

Detailed Specifications of the APEMAN 1080p


Image overview of the APEMAN 1080p while recording

Simultaneously record with this full HD Dashcam and its super-high-resolution FHD lens. A 3″ LCD screen displays excellent video quality on all recordings in crystal clear motion. The lens itself records in super wide-angle mode, at 170 degrees, so that its view of the road shows action just as it occurred, with blind spots significantly reduced.

The built-in G-Sensor allows for automatic detection of collisions or severe shakes that impact your vehicle, and it locks the video so that the footage recorded cannot be over-written. Replay an accident scene since the severity of any impact will not degrade the video. Night recordings are no problem with F1.8 large aperture, Wide Dynamic Range (WDR), and High Dynamic Range (HDR) features. Together, these features ensure that image quality of night vision recordings is precise and accurate. The great thing about this is that there’s no need to install any auxiliary light source to obtain authentic, colorized recordings.

The APEMAN 1080P has several great features: Motion Detection, Parking Monitor for parking modes, and Seamless Loop Recording. On top of all the features, this unit also is straightforward to install and operate. Even a first time user will have no trouble with setup and operation. You’ll produce excellent video footage on your first try. You also have full Amazon product support, so you don’t have to worry about any kinds of issues developing.

A memory card and micro SD card are available for purchase for a very reasonable fee from Amazon so that your total cost is still extremely affordable.


Advantages of Owning Dash Cameras

Probably the number one reason that drivers are installing dash cams these days is so they can automatically record accidents without any intervention from the driver. These recordings can then serve as evidence for insurance companies so that a driver’s claim can be substantiated. Also, the recordings help to prevent insurance fraud and to prevent crimes in progress. Many dashcams also have built-in GPS systems, so you can use them to navigate.

Concerned parents can have them installed in cars driven by their sons and daughters so that driving can be monitored and bad driving can be corrected. Some people use these recordings simply as pleasant reminders of vacation trips taken, or of weekend forays to other cities. There are undoubtedly some additional original reasons why people have had them installed, but these are the areas of their greatest usefulness.

Not sold?

Here are some snippets of actual user reviews from Amazon customers who purchases the APEMAN 1080p

“The Apeman has a great picture. I found that the night vision was amazing. I could see things on the camera better than I could with my eyes!” – Steve

“Very surprised at how easy this camera was to set up and use. Not to mention the video and picture quality are phenomenal.” – Shafton Thomas

“The display is very clear. I was also very surprised by the clear picture quality in low light environments. The wide angle allowed me to reduce blind spots in the recordings and pictures.” – Yessenia23

“Picture is great, it’s fun to watch where you’ve been. Very wide angle pic, maybe too wide but it looks about like you’d see while driving. Motion sensitive, so it will wake up when the car moves.” – J.

“I highly recommend this product for anyone who wants a decent cam for a great price.” – Paul Nasseif