Are Smart Light Bulbs Something to Consider Buying?


Less than ten years ago, smart homes were part of science fiction instead of retail. Technology has been expanding for decades. However, only recently have the elements of smart homes become available. One set of products that can make a big difference is smart light bulbs. Smart lighting is not only beneficial to control overall lighting. Smart lighting can protect your home. Setting your smart lights to timers when you’re not home can make it seem like someone is inside. Pick the right smart bulbs for your smart lighting to take your home to the next level in comfort and ambiance.


Philips Hue White Dimmable LED Smart Bulbs

These voice-activated, Alexa-compatible bulbs help you take control of your smart home in an easy-to-install starter kit. This four-pack of white bulbs are the equivalent of 60W each. Since they are dimmable, you can achieve the exact lighting that you desire. To take your smart lighting to the next level, pair these bulbs with other products, such as the Hue Dimmer Switch. This article by TechHive explains the pros and cons of smart switches nicely. These smart bulbs are a fantastic way to create an appropriate mood for family movie night or have beautiful bright lighting for crafts. These bulbs easily install into any light fixture! Once you download the Hue mobile app, you’ll be ready to control your smart lighting.


Philips Hue White & Color Single Premium Smart Bulb

This premium smart light bulb will take your lighting from bright to spectacular! It is compatible with Alexa for voice-activated controls. Also, it is easy to install. It will allow you to decide precisely how you want your room to look. The most nuanced color shades can be achieved with these smart light bulbs. It works with lamps, overhead lights, and ceiling fans. It is equipped with the Hue hub and controlled from your Hub mobile app. These bulbs are a fun addition to any room. They add another element of ambiance to parties, holiday celebrations, or any occasion.

Bundle Option: Premium Starter Pack (4 Smart bulbs & Hub)

Get your smart lighting started with four premium smart bulbs and the Hue hub in this optional bundle.


Smart LED Multicolor Light Bulb

These easy-to-install multicolor smart bulbs give you voice-activated control. This helps with the brightness and color combinations in your home. Compatible with Alexa, this two-pack of bulbs is programmable to ensure that your home has the exact ambiance you want at any time. Sixteen million color combinations provide endless options. These smart bulbs are perfect to create a fun atmosphere for a party or a child’s playroom. The light bulb does not require a hub. This smart bulb is IFTTT enabled. Click the pic and buy today!

Philips Hue has been a leader in providing high-quality, compatible products to build and customize smart lighting in homes. We recognize that light is as vital to the atmosphere of a home as everything else. By customizing your lighting as part of your smart home, you can expand what it means to have control over your home environment and safety. With Philips Hue products, your home can be everything you want it to be with the latest technology in smart device compatibility.